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Make Up With A Twist

Looking beautiful has never been easier with the permanent makeup Alpharetta, GA provides. It has also never been easier to take advantage of all the permanent and semi permanent make up procedures that can help you have the look that you’ve been wanting. You will love how easy the procedures are the end results are going to exceed your expectations.

The art of Permanent Make Up consist of a non-surgical micro-procedure that is known as Micro-pigmentation. With micro-pigmentation very tiny droplets of colors that are custom blended are professionally and skillfully placed into the dermal layer of the skin to simulate makeup that is well defined and natural looking. This procedure is a similar to the art form of traditional tattooing where the natural features of the face are defined and enhanced in the form of permanent eyebrows, eyeliner or lip liner and color. The end results are amazing, immediate and permanent! Each treatment is as unique as the individual receiving it.

Choosing to have the permanent makeup Alpharetta, GA can so skillfully provide can be done very quickly. In an hour or less, you can have the dramatic look that you want. Permanent makeup on the eyes can be done quicker than the lips. You’ll be surprised to know that you can have your eyes lined in less than 15 minutes. It can take longer than that to apply makeup that is not permanent and that is going to have to be washed off at the end of the day and reapplied the next day.

The permanent makeup procedures are very safe. They are done in a sterile environment and offer no long-term side effects. Only disposable needles are used to ensure that each client receives the best and safest care for their visit. We work with each client to first help them choose the design that is best for their features as well as the color that looks the most natural or the most dramatic for them depending on their style choice.

Permanent makeup is a great way to enhance your natural features and you’ll never have to purchase eye-liner, eye-brow pencils or lip liners again. Imagine how much money you’ll be able to save on cosmetics when you have your permanent cosmetics.


OPM is the only brand that offers natural, organic pigments. These pigments are plant-based and will not change color with time, as regular iron oxide pigments do. Due to the fact that OPM pigments are highly concentrated, less passes are needed to apply the pigment into the skin.

Thus, the procedure time is almost cut in half! OPM use an expanded color palate for different skin undertones to provide a personalized natural look. With this color system after the pigment is inserted the color will naturally heal resulting in a beautiful and refined look.

Make It Permanent With Permanent Makeup Alpharetta, GA Offers

Many women will choose to enjoy the benefits of permanent makeup in order to look their very best. Many will choose it due to its longevity. Some will choose it because it will help them save time and money. The majority will choose it because it’s so simple and the end results are going to exceed their expectations. They are going to love how quickly they are able to transform their looks. The detail that the eyes and lips will gain is going to keep them coming back for touch ups. The affordability is also one of the major perks that can be enjoyed. If you’re looking for a way to put an end to your long morning ritual of putting on makeup the permanent makeup is going to be your solution. Once others see the change in your appearance they are going to want to have the procedure done as well. It’s important for women to look their best at all times and having the permanent makeup makes it easy to be the most beautiful you possible.

You’ll be ready to face the world each day looking radiant. You’ll have the detailed eyes that you want as well as the arched eyebrows that you have longed for. Imagine having the full set of lips that you have always dreamed about without having to have a difficult surgery. No matter what look you are trying to accomplish you’ll be able to achieve it successfully with the permanent makeup Alpharetta, GA has available.

Makeup Will Never Be The Same

Thanks to all of the wonderful new advances in technology, makeup will never be the same again. There are so many great ways to enhance the look of your face without applying a lot of heavy makeup and fillers to your skin. Heavy makeup day after day can tend to do more damage to the skin that good. It can make the skin oily or even dry depending on your skin type. It can clog pores causing acne that no one wants to deal with. It can age the skin make you appear older. Many lip liners as well as eyeliners can be irritating to the eyes and lips for so many women making permanent makeup the perfect solution for them. Makeup can also be costly no matter what brand you select. Many women would prefer to spend the money that expensive makeups can cost on the art of permanent makeup in order to achieve the look they desire.

Change Your Look and Change Your Life

Knowing that there is an alternative to the way that your makeup can look is huge to women. Comfort can be found in knowing that with a couple of short permanent makeup appointments you can have a new look that offers the confidence and the style that you have been looking for. With a topical ointment, the pain is minimal and less than if you were having to spend time plucking your eyebrows, which we all know is painful and comes way more often than you’d like.

The art of permanent makeup Alpharetta, GA offers to every woman is going to help you change not only your looks but also your life. You’ll enjoy the new look that you have and you’ll receive so many compliments that it’s going to be a total confidence booster. You’ll look great and feel great no matter where you go.

Step into the new age and enjoy all that it has to offer with the permanent makeup Alpharetta, GA provides. Create a new look and a new you that is always ready to face the day while looking your best. Makeup is not the same as it once was and you are going to love the changes that it is able to provide for you. Call (678) 414-0484 to schedule your consultation to create the look that you desire.


Marla Davis

Looking for permanent makeup? Look no further! Katrina is your person. She has done my eyeliner and my lips-lined and filled. They look fabulous! She takes her time and ensures you are very comfortable, paying particular attention to pain management. She also does microblading on eyebrows. These services are life changing! This spa environment is warm and inviting and you feel at ease when you walk through the door. They offer many services. Something for everyone! Stop by and see Katrina. Tell her I sent you! There are lots of grand opening specials right now too!

 Mila Khamidulina

5 stars Hair Salon Alpharetta
I love this place!
Ladies are very knowledgeable, super nice and accommodating. The entire place is super clean and makes you feel very cozy. I went there for microblading with Katrina first, then came back to see Lisa for PRP facial and now I’m here for hydra facial. Love love love the results after each procedure and will be back for more. It is now my go to place for all my skin care needs and husband comes here for massages on regular basis.
I purchased some of their gift cards for my friends and family for the holidays and would definitely recommend them to everyone I know.
Thank you guys, keeep up the amazing work.

Lena M.

5 stars Hair Salon Alpharetta
This spa is amazing! Katrina did microblading on mine eyebrows, she is the best! The spa’s atmosphere is very welcoming! I would highly recommend this spa and I am definitely a returning customer!!

 Marina Celolichin

5 stars Hair Salon Alpharetta
Katrina did my permanent eye makeup over 2 years ago and it still looks amazing. She is very professional and skilled with a great personality and manners.! highly recommended

Katya Rakhmanova

5 stars Hair Salon Alpharetta
I had permanent makeup done by Katrina. Great experience, genuinely nice people, professional services and spa atmosphere! Highly recommend Vogue Spa!

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